Chloe appears on BBC Radio 5

Unemployed and desperate to work, it was a difficult time for Chloe until she was offered her “dream job” as Carer.

From the age of 11, Chloe has cared for her mum so when she was offered the opportunity to train professionally, she was ecstatic and completion of the training scheme would enable her to qualify fully and secure the role. However, she was soon faced with a very difficult decision…

“I got offered a job as a carer but had to do training first. I had three days left of my course when I was told by the job centre that I would lose my benefits because I was training for longer than the 16 hours permitted per week. I was told to choose between my job or myhome and I had no choice but to choose the home. I asked staff in the job centre repeatedly to just let me finish the course but they said it wasn’t an option. My course was just one hour longer than the 16 permitted per week but if I had been allowed to complete it; my life would have changed completely.”

Chloe missed out on the role. This was devastating as she felt her dream was taken away from her and as a result, her progress has significantly tapered. She has recently been sanctioned, lost her benefits and is now struggling to pay her rent. Nonetheless, despite a knock in confidence and feeling significantly helpless, Chloe is regaining motivation and continues to look for work.

“I’m still applying for jobs every day but it’s not easy going for five jobs a day, knowing that I’ll get turned down again and again. It’s hard for your mental health. If I had completed the training I would be in employment now and off benefits, so I’ve actually taken a step back.”

Chloe has since appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live telling her story. Whilst Chloe’s unfair circumstances have been difficult to face, her participation in the media has given her a platform to share her story and make people aware of problems surrounding young people today. This has boosted her confidence significantly as she never believed she would have the courage to voice her opinions publically, nevermind live on the Radio. Well done Chloe!

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