Community Orchard Celebration Day

It’s been over a month since our celebration day, but we didn’t want to miss out on sharing some brilliant photos from the day.

The weather didn’t put people off with over 100 people attending! We had visits from members of the local community, neighbors, family, friends and volunteers. The residents played a huge part in helping with the event and making it such a big success. It was a rare opportunity for the residents to be able to mix in this way and was a hugely positive experience all round.

The day gave us a real opportunity to showcase the transformation within the space and it gave the residents a chance to talk to people from the community about their achievements.

Our amazing Support Worker, Eileen Toby, who has been leading the project said,

“The residents were keen to get things sorted and organised. We spent the night before getting all the bird boxes, planters and supplies to the allotment to save time. It was fantastic to see the mosaic being hung as it is a great reminder of the weeks of long hard hours of work and dedication that have been put in. It looks amazing! The mosaic was designed and created by the residents with the help of Faye Oliver (YMCA North Tyneside Art) I am very proud of them all.”

Of the residents who were there to help, they each had different tasks assigned to them. They encouraged children and adults to make planters or bird boxes and demonstrated the skills needed to complete the tasks.  One of the residents has built a wall around the well to make it safe and has made a massive contribution to the overall transformation of the space.

Eileen said,

“He is a superb worker and a huge asset to our allotment. He even put his own money in a tin to show people they could make a donation if they wished. We managed to raise £55 with the sale of the items.”

The day was a wonderful way to thank everyone who has contributed their time and energy to help with the development of the space.

Do you have green fingers and some spare time? Or do you know somebody that does? Why not get in touch and volunteer with us? Please contact eliza.lawson@ymcanorthtyneside.org for more information.

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