‘Whats for Dinner Mam?’

We were delighted to host a small celebration event at YMCA North Tyneside which saw the end of a brilliant year long project called ‘Whats for Dinner Mam.’

The heritage lottery funded project which engaged children and young people in learning how the First World War effected food in Britain, was a massive success. The project has looked into how shortages of food changed recipes, how government food posters influenced saving food, different ways of preserving food so nothing went to waste and the use of allotments to grow much needed fruit and vegetables.

Over the past year we have worked in various schools and youth settings, including Whitehouse Primary School, Southlands School, East End Youth Club and North Tyneside Young Carers. We have been using a range of creative methods to educate and engage children in local heritage. Our hands-on workshops have created a platform for learning new skills and having fun creating artwork, cooking, baking, preserving food, reenactments, photography, trips to museums and library archives for research.

Don Irving, Youth work manager at the YMCA said;

“This project has been a real success with over a hundred participants directly involved.  Introducing children and young people to heritage activities is so important.  By creating a fun environment for them to learn, the results and impact as shown by the ‘Whats for Dinner Mam’ project can be astonishing.”

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