YMCA England & Wales

YMCA England & Wales is the national council of YMCAs in England & Wales who support local YMCAs by promoting high standards of working, sharing best practice, fundraising on their behalf, partnering with them to pilot new projects, and providing training opportunities for staff and volunteers.

They give YMCAs a national voice by speaking with government, key policy makers and national media, and we represent them by advocating for the needs of the most vulnerable young people in England.


Together, as the YMCA federation in England we focus on four key areas of work: accommodation; family work; health and wellbeing and training and education; impacting on the lives of nearly 600,000 people every year.

Each YMCA is an individual, self-governing charity that affiliates to YMCA England. Through this affiliation, YMCAs become part of the World Alliance of YMCAs.

Creating Transformational Communities

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