Case Study: Amy’s Story

Amy has lived with us at Sir James Knott House since Spring 2015. Amy reports that when she first moved in she had a lot of difficulty being around people and liked to keep herself to herself. In the last year, she has grown in confidence. She has developed a trusting relationship with staff through keywork sessions and Chaplaincy support and we frequently see her great sense of humour at play!

Amy works closely with staff to ensure she has the support she requires to live independently in the future. This includes managing her finances and income, increasing her fitness and regulating her moods by exercising daily in the YMCA gym and accessing training opportunities, such as the Metal Works Course above.

Amy is now a lot happier and more settled, which is a great example of the difference supported accommodation can make to a young person’s life.

If you would like to provide support for Sir James Knott House and to help our residents develop life skills and confidence, please Volunteer with us.

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