A message from our CEO Dean

As a CEO of a local charity that works day in and day out to help change the face of homelessness and raise the aspirations and future of young people, it has been truly humbling to see the reaction to homelessness and the need to address the issues related to it during the recent and most outrageous weather conditions.

Whilst, the reaction has been heartwarming and really welcomed, I would like to challenge all individuals, companies, and corporations to think about how they can continue to help and support fighting homelessness and helping individuals find a better future.

In the face of austerity, continuing government cuts, reduction of funding and the implementation of Universal Credit the task of helping those most in need is more than ever, needed.

I would personally love to hear from you if you are in the North East and feel compelled to continue to help support this vital work to help individuals; find a safe place to live, find employment or training, work towards a healthier lifestyle and find, of course, hope & peace.

YMCA North Tyneside works tirelessly to achieve so all can belong, contribute and thrive and we need your support.

We believe that creating a community that is healthy, happy and connected is really important and at the centre of our mission, vision, and values…


Please, please, don’t let the improving weather conditions (even though I for one am so relieved) stop you continuing the good fight and helping to make a difference.

Thank you!


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