David Hodgson, Treasurer at YMCA North Tyneside, rewarded with MBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours

The Queen’s 90th birthday celebration was particularly special for David Hodgson, a long serving member of YMCA’s board of trustees, as he was awarded an MBE for 20 years of voluntary service to YMCA and 20 other local voluntary, community and educational organisations. He becomes David Hodgson MBE.

David, who has for many years been known as “the coastal accountant,” has helped steer the ship at YMCA on a voluntary basis since 1996 when he took over as Treasurer. He has been heavily involved ever since and is proud of what the organisation has achieved in that time, especially what has been realised in the last 3 years when the organisation has been able to completely overhaul its buildings and create a more sustainable financial base for the future.

The whole of YMCA’s team have expressed their gratitude to David with a massive “CONGRATULATIONS”. In response,

David said:

It has been a joy to see YMCA going from strength to strength, seeing the local community coming together and generational barriers being broken down. I’m especially pleased to see the return of supported accommodation. Being able to care for young people under our roof is central to the work of YMCA and really helps us to demonstrate the Christian values which underpin the work we do. Involvement with YMCA has been a life changing experience for many people over the last 170 years and I’m sure that will continue in the future. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing the training kitchen and café being up and running later this year, so that our young people can get real on-the-job experience.

David demonstrates his pride by describing YMCA as “very friendly” with “a team that have true spirit and are happy to go above and beyond and as an organisation that really wants to make a difference, by improving people’s lives.” He aspires to see a time when YMCA is so well known for the work they do improving the life opportunities of young people, that people automatically think YMCA can do that whenever there is an issue that needs solving. He believes that YMCA is heading in the right direction and their reputation is growing as “the place to be.”

He recounts stories of his Dad being involved in YMCA around the time of WW1 and how he feels that he wanted to share his own successes in life, by giving something back to the place he calls home. He points out that volunteering can lead to a hectic life particularly if, like him, you volunteer for several organisations simultaneously.

Like most charities, YMCA North Tyneside relies on the goodwill and generosity of its voluntary board members. Some, like David, bring skills in accountancy, business management and financial strategy. Others bring specific industry knowledge or valuable work and life experience, but all have a passion to support the young people most in need, and all have a desire to serve the local community.

Anyone interested in finding out more about volunteering opportunities at YMCA should Contact Us

YMCA’s CEO, Dean Titterton, says:

“David has been hugely instrumental in the renaissance of YMCA here in North Shields. He has shown leadership and generosity in equal measure, but most importantly, he has worked tirelessly for the people of North Tyneside. The financial restructuring of the business that he helped champion has led to real renewal. He is committed to ensuring that the most disadvantaged young people in our community get a good opportunity in life and strongly believes in the role that YMCA plays in shaping a strong local community.”

YMCA’s Chairman, Ian Pearson, says:

“David has been amazing for YMCA. His business acumen and financial skills have really helped us steer the right course. We took a huge leap of faith when raising funds to redevelop the building in Church Way and open up our supported accommodation units for 20 young people. David’s advice and guidance was key to making this a success and he has always worked with the end goal in sight; of making North Shields a better place for everyone.”

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