Volunteers Needed!

The next few months will see the allotment and orchard really start to take shape. There has been so much work that has gone into the landscaping, planting, designing, digging, weeding and creating of the space. The fruit trees are in the ground, the poly tunnel is up and housing many new shoots ready for transferring to the ground when the time is right.

The other side of the allotment is the positive impact it has had on our residents. Any chance they get they are in the space getting their hands dirty and helping with anything that is needed. Laying pathways, planting the saplings, burning garden waste and creating brilliant and colourful herb garden planters. The have taken such fantastic ownership of the allotment and completely transformed it from a large piece of land without purpose, into a flourishing and productive space for everyone.

We have reached the point where we need some extra helping hands to get involved in the upkeep and ongoing care the allotment, this is where YOU come in.

If you or anyone you know has an interest in gardening or perhaps you have an allotment yourself and would be prepared to give a little time to impart your skills and wisdom – we would love for you to get in touch!

We are holding three volunteer days between July and September to coincide with things that will need to be done to allow for the best fruit and vegetable growth. If you would like to take part please follow the link below to our Facebook page where you will find all of the details of the events. Alternatively please feel free to send us an email with your details to enquiries@ymcanorthtyeside.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can. These days are of course open to everyone so feel free to bring your family along!


July 6th 10am – 5pm

August 17th 10am – 5pm

September 28th 10am – 5pm

We are really hoping that this allotment will be a way for people in the community to connect with our residents, to enable some valuable skill sharing, and for it to be a beautiful and fruitful place for everyone to enjoy.

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