YMCA North Tyneside and YMCA Teesdale amalgamation is completed

On 14 March 2018, 2 weeks ahead of schedule, YMCA North Tyneside and Teesdale YMCA Ltd signed the transfer agreement, which ensures the merge of the two organisations.

The two boards made the decision in August 2017 to merge and since then they have been undergoing the process with support and guidance from Kevin Lowry, who has acted as an independent advisor for the two organisation. Kevin has lead and supported a number of YMCA merges including the recent YMCA St Paul’s.

The charities have decided to unite as a result of a meeting of vision and sustainability across the two organisations. The new entity will provide wider services for more people. As we look forward, we hope to see an increase in the number of communities that we serve as a result of growing sustainability.

Mike Way, Chair of the Trustees for Teesdale said: “Putting people at the centre of our priorities, we could clearly see the positive gains of not only working in close partnership with another regional YMCA – North Tyneside – but in then formally amalgamating with them. We have done this from a position of strength and will gain added value from renewed vision, joined-up resources and shared expertise. I would encourage all small to medium-sized YMCAs to give this path serious consideration. The development has been well received by all our stakeholders – beneficiaries, staff, funders and the local community. In my view, this is definitely the way forward for the Movement.”

David Hodgson MBE, Chair of YMCA North Tyneside said: “Our desire to come together as YMCAs is driven by a wish to improve and expand the work in local communities so that young people might thrive. We want to work together and use our shared Christian ethos, the skills and knowledge across the two YMCAs to enhance the work in each area. At the same time, we know that the efficiencies we can gain by working together can then be invested into our services”

Seeing Teesdale YMCA Ltd become part of the YMCA North Tyneside family does not mean that we will not continue to see a local YMCA in Teesdale. The local identity was imperative to all involved in the process as we continue to serve those in different communities, different realities but all connected through YMCA.

Our vision is to be ‘a community where everyone is healthy, happy and connected.’ To achieve this vision our mission is to be ‘a sustainable charity that offers opportunities for a lasting personal and social change’. As we go forward into the new financial year and beyond, we are keen to see that we are stronger together.

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