Case Study: Vicky’s Story

The death of her partner sent Vicky’s life spiralling. 8 years and an abusive partner later, Vicky’s 2 children were living with her mum, she was in rent arrears and trying to recover from a Heroin addiction, that’s when YMCA stepped in.

From the get go, Vicky was dedicated to doing better for herself and her children. With a mirade of health issues including COPD and Depression, it was going to be a long term battle but she was ready for it. Vicky knew her smoking habit was worsening her COPD so quit without seeking help elsewhere. And with help from Change Grow Live and our YMCA support workers, she gradually reduced her daily methadone pick ups from the pharmacy to weekly pickups, showing just how far she had come with her addiction.

Vicky put her depression and low self esteem down to the appearance of her teeth which had bore the brunt of her drug usage. Vicky refused to smile for fear of peoples opinions of her teeth and what assumptions they would make. Through the support of YMCA, she found a local dentist who supported vulnerable residents and could fund the treatment she required. After multiple dentists visits, Vicky is now well on her way to a smile she can be proud of.

Vicky has made excellent progress with the support of YMCA and she hopes to soon move on to a 2 bed property with her children and begin a college course to become a support worker herself.

*At Vicky’s request, we have used an actor in the photograph.

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