Many people do not realise what it is like to live with a child who is autistic, the simplest of tasks can be a challenge for someone on the autistic spectrum, however there are ways we can make them easier; helping them cope with things we find so simple. I thought the easiest way to describe this was giving people a run down of 24 hours with an autistic child. Now this is just my
Youth loneliness has become increasingly prevalent in the media. We welcome the report from the Office for National Statistics on youth loneliness, which was produced as a result of the Jo Cox commission on loneliness. The report highlighted the following causes of incidences or escalations of loneliness:transitions linked to schooling and the move on from secondary education children and young people described embarrassment about admitting to loneliness, seeing it as a possible “failing”practical, social and
We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2019 UK Charity Governance Awards within the ‘Improving Impact’ category, with the potential of winning a £5000 unrestricted grant to help us continue the work we do with young people. This particular award recognises the achievements made around our strength based impact framework which is under continuous development, enabling housing staff to effectively monitor the behaviour and development of the young people that reside here

9th April 2019

What is Autism to me?

When my boy was diagnosed with ASD aged 3, I felt bombarded with statistics, charts and facts about cases of other children. Nothing was catered specifically to him and his behaviour. Whilst this information is important and helpful, I think we need to consider our own circumstances and experiences. Who your child is with their added fascinations, routines or quirks that make them who they are as an individual, who also has ASD, what they

8th April 2019

Youth Parliament

Earlier in the year we posted about a young man who resides here at YMCA North Tyneside and how he was due to visit the Houses of Parliament to discuss fundamental topics around youth homelessness as part of St Basil’s Youth Voice.After travelling to London and undergoing rigorous security checks, our young representative spoke eloquently about the information both schools and health services should be providing to prevent homelessness. Q2: What are your expectations of
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