A Path with a Purpose

Programmes and opportunities for children & young people to realise their potential as they grow to HOPE, BELONG, CONTRIBUTE, and THRIVE


Group of children celebrating their learning

Home Education classes at YMCA

Story Explorers (ages 5-8) & Creator’s Club (ages 7-12)
Are you ready to embark on a journey of imagination in a fun and inclusive environment? Welcome to our new Home Education classes at the YMCA where creativity is at the centre of learning.

Young person learning new skills at the YMCA

YMCA Youth Club

Weekly youth group for ages 11 – 16 at YMCA North Shields in The Hub. Fun activities planned by youth group members, including arts and crafts, sports, social action and cooking!

Whizz, Bing, Whoosh! YMCA Science Club

How does that work? Why does that happen? Will it explode!? At the YMCA Science Club, kids will get hands-on experiences of learning more about the magic that is all around us!

YMCA Holiday Camp

At YMCA holiday camp, every day is a new adventure!
A school holiday full of fun to help build confidence, friendships and lasting memories.

YMCA Youth Theatre Club

A club where young people (approximately aged 7-14) can grow in confidence, develop teamwork skills, and nurture their creative thinking while in a safe and fun environment.

More Clubs and Programmes to come

From early years activities to After School clubs
Find out about upcoming clubs and programmes we’ve got planned

 A Path with a purpose

At YMCA we believe a positive long-term relationship is key to truly helping prepare young people to thrive throughout their lives.

Through purposeful programmes and activities, we provide opportunities for children to grow in body, mind and spirit from infancy to adulthood.

These opportunities are geared towards developing each young persons character
while also providing wider real-life context to learnings at home and in the
classroom during key life stages.

A Path for ALL, with YOUR support

Path with a purpose group

Our programmes and activities are open to everyone. No matter a person’s circumstances, background, age, race, religion, economic status, income, abilities, etc.; everyone is welcome.

By providing enriching opportunities to help all all young people grow with a purpose, which in turn strengthens our communities, we are providing tangible opportunities for the wider community to partner with us to enable access for all.


How might you partner with us to help ensure every young person in our community has opportunities for them to develop as future leaders?

Questions get in touch with us on programmes@ymcanorthtyneside.org