Health & Wellbeing

YMCA North Tyneside is well known locally for its provision of a gym and health and wellbeing facilities.
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Health and Wellbeing

Whilst providing open access facilities for the general community to participate in, YMCA Gym targets young people and people with more complex health needs.


Over 400 young people use YMCA Gym on a regular basis and gym instructors work with them, encouraging healthy habits like maintaining a structured exercise regime and balanced diet.

Gym instructors work closely with youth support and nursery workers to develop health and wellbeing outcomes for wider groups of young people.
One exciting initiative involved nursery children and older gym members coming together to take part in intergenerational exercise classes. Partnership work with external organisations has seen extensive numbers of referrals for people with complicated health needs such as diabetes, cancer or poor heart health.
Gym instructors provide appropriate exercise and fitness classes to help prevent medical conditions worsening, to support recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Sid’s Story

At the ripe age of 73, Sid joined YMCA Gym in North Shields to make improvements to his lifestyle and wellbeing.
Although he was physically active in his 40’s, he lost motivation and stopped exercising which led to him being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 10 years ago.
The nurse strongly advised Sid to reconsider his diet and walk more, but despite his best intentions he would become sidetracked. Sid was on 2 types of diabetes tablets and insulin. Sid joined YMCA Gym because of the personal support that could be offered.
He worked with a YMCA fitness expert who provided him with a training programme and nutritional advice tailored to his individual needs.
Sid quickly noticed his diabetes readings improving. He no longer needed insulin and was able to reduce the dosage of other medication.
His nurse was delighted with the improvements which included a 10lbs weight loss. Sid is now more active and has less stiffness in his legs, which was originally diagnosed as the start of arthritis.