A number of our young people recently took part in an activity that brought together the ideas of Architects from SBA AKA and the young people themselves to help combat youth isolation. Over a three month period, many ideas came together to design and build a space in which young people could feel comfortable and ‘at home.’ This portable design features ceilings made from umbrellas and colourful walls made from textured materials; little magical spaces

25th March 2019

Early Signs of Autism

Let’s start at the end.Ive been sat pondering how I should start these blog posts, do I start with why is this so important to me, why should anyone else care. Then I realised whilst these things matter, I would like to tell you a story, a story of which hopefully some of you can relate. A story of a perfect little boy born in April 2015 and his mother, that mother is me and
Yesterday we welcomed ITV news into our organisation to discuss the recent installation outside YMCA Nursery.  Last year, Paul Gardner was celebrating his 24th birthday with friends in Ibiza. The group had been enjoying the sun and jumping from rocks into the sea until tragically, Paul was taken by the sheer strength of the current. Although his friends managed to pull him to shore, unfortunately non of them had enough knowledge about CPR to save

11th March 2019

Time for Change

The recent upturn in crime, in particular knife related crimes, is undoubtably very sad and concerning, but comes as no great surprise. YMCA North Tyneside is a community organisation with a focus on young people. We have been serving our community for 140 years this year and we are still as passionate about creating a healthy, happy and connected community now as we were the day we were formed. Over recent years we have banged

11th February 2019


Negative stereotypes often prevent people from understanding young people or giving them adequate support and encouragement. However, unlike previous generations, today’s young people are less likely to drink, smoke and commit crimes, and are likely to stay in education longer. They are making healthier life choices and are generally clean living, qualified, and driven young people taking positive decisions about their future. We want people to join us in believing in young people. To understand
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