Supporting young people and families to establish and sustain healthy habits for life.

Focusing on good mental health and an active lifestyle. We promote safety, communication, teamwork, thoughtful consideration, and flexibility.


We support young people up to the age of 24 as well as key adults; parents, teachers & carers.

We offer opportunities to gain support through therapeutic services, peer support, educational information and guidance, as well as promoting our community initiatives.

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Key focus – 5 a day!

Have you had your 5 a day?

YMCA North Tyneside are promoting the idea of completing 5 things a day to improve health. This can be as big or as small as you like and will contribute to feeling a sense of achievement.

Health can be physical, mental, social, emotional or spiritual. It is important that we take time to focus on all aspects of our health and completing 5 tasks a day can really help.

We offer support and can assist you in creating healthy habits for life. This can also link to the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing initiative.


Strengthening relationships with
others and feeling close to and valued by others is critical to boosting well-being. 

Take notice

Paying more attention to the present moment, to thoughts and feelings and to the world around, boosts our well-being.


Carrying out acts of kindness, whether small or large, can increase happiness, life satisfaction and general sense of well-being.

keep learning

Being curious and seeking out new experiences, positively stimulates the brain.

Be active

Being physically active, improves physical health and can improve mood and well-being. It can also decrease stress, depression and anxiety.


Key statistics

* NHS statistics


of adults experience mental illness


of children experience mental illness


of children leave primary school either overweight or obese


Find advice and information about keeping healthy.

Below are a variety of informative blogs written by our Healthy Habits Coordinator, providing information about the effects of alcohol and drug abuse as well as other related topics

If you need further support with these topics you can find links to a number of helpful organisations in the related links section

Latest Resources:


We can provide individual or group therapy sessions.

We offer Art and Music therapy for young people (Arts Psychotherapies UK), as well as talking sessions with Steph (Healthy Awareness) who can work with 18-24 year olds. All therapists are fully qualified and registered.

Arts Psychotherapies UK can help you to express thoughts and feelings and it can provide another way of communicating when it is hard to talk. You do not have to be good at art or music to really benefit.

Therapy sessions can help with issues including:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Low self-esteem or self confidence
  • Relationship or family issues
  • Bereavement and loss
All sessions are confidential and will support you with managing your mental health. Sessions will be over the phone or via Zoom due to COVID19. Find out more about these offers below. If you would like more information, or book into one of our other therapy sessions,  please complete the form below and submit.

Current Therapy Sessions:

Art Therapy

Art Therapy with Fiona

We are offering an online Art Therapy group via zoom for a group of 8 young people The group may be of interest to people who are

  • Feeling isolated due to COVID-19
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulties with relationships

The group will focus on interpersonal relationships and how to understand yourself and other people better with the aim to improve relationships. We will be focusing on Healthy Habits of understanding self and other and how to relate better with other people.

You do not have to have any skills in art making. All art materials will be provided and posted out to you in advance of group starting.

Each week the group will be guided by the Therapist with a theme and you will be invited to make some art around that theme. Scribbles, collage, coloured patterns, anything goes.

This isn’t an art class but can be enjoyable.

10 week Online group offer 

Music Therapy

Music Therapy with Afra

We are offering some individual online Music Therapy to young people which will be tailored to their individual needs. Music can offer a range of experiences which can positively impact client’s health and wellbeing; improving their listening, concentration, self-control as well as increase social and self-awareness. It can help young people to improve their resilience, self-understanding and provide a safe space for expression, creativity and growth.

The therapy could be focusing on active music making, creating and recording music as well as encouraging listening to self and the environment. Clients will be supported by a Nordoff Robbins trained music therapist.

One to one sessions

Talking Therapy

Talking Therapy with Steph or Michelle

Healthy Awareness offers psychotherapy and counselling to people aged 18 years and over. Your therapy could be online, on the phone or in person; we can create this plan together.

We will provide you with a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. It might be that you are behaving in ways you do not understand. We would like to help you. You might be having problems in your relationships, or with your family. Whatever is going on for you, we will not judge, and we will keep our conversations confidential.

You may have anxiety or low mood, experienced trauma, or abuse. We can work together to explore what is going on for you. You may want to come and chat just once, or you might want to think deeper about your mental health and well-being and decide to make some long-term, lasting

18-24 year olds


Here are some of our YMCA North Tyneside projects 

Below are projects that show you how we stay healthy and the ways we are supporting the young people in our local area. 

Latest Projects:


Being an ambassador will mean promoting Healthy Habits in your school.

Helping to raise awareness regarding the importance of health and its many forms. Your role will be thinking of creative ways to positively support your school community and with our guidance, encourage your peers to achieve healthy goals.

YMCA North Tyneside are committed to supporting Young people

Below you will find useful links that you can access for information and support.

Need to talk?

Call The Samaritans any time,
from any phone for free on 

116 123

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity for those affected by anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.



1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental health problem in their lifetime – we are here to support them when they do.


Cruse Bereavement Care

We offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies.



Relate offers counselling services for every type of relationship nationwide. We provide advice on marriage, LGBT issues, divorce and parenting.



B-eat (Beating Eating Disorders) Youth Helpline. Information, help and support for anyone affected by eating disorders.


Be Mindful

Be Mindful is a clinically-proven online mindfulness course that helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


No Panic

No Panic offers advice, support, recovery programs and help for people living with phobias, OCD and any other anxiety-based disorders


Time to Change

Time to Change is shown to be having a positive impact on public attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems.


Young Minds

Discover information, advice & support for young people affected by mental health. Improving Mental Health. Supporting Parents. Empowering Young People.


The Calm Zone

We run a free and confidential helpline and webchat – 7 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone who needs to talk about life’s problems.



Refuge supports women,children & men experiencing domestic violence with a range of services.



The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity, preventing abuse and helping those affected to recover.


Mental Health UK

Learn more about common mental health conditions including symptoms, causes & treatments.



SANEline is a national out-of-hours telephone helpline offering emotional support and information for people affected by mental health problem



We’re Mind, the mental health charity. We’re here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.



Your online mental wellbeing community. Free, safe and anonymous support


OCD Action

OCD Action is the national charity focusing on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). We provide support and information to anybody affected by OCD


Rape Crisis

Get information, help and support after rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse.



Mencap is a UK charity for people with a learning disability. We support their families and carers, too.



1 in 4 people will be affected by a mental health problem in their lifetime – we are here to support them when they do.


Men's Health Forum

The Men’s Health Forum is a British registered charity whose mission is to improve the health of men and boys in England, Wales and Scotland.