The Hatch

The Hatch covers a variety of mental health support options for young people in supported accommodation, that support social distancing. Each ‘Hatch’ offers a different style and type of support in the hope that everyone will find something that works for them and helps to improve their daily mood and mental health.

Practical Hatch

Offers encouragement and motivation for daily skills such as;

  • personal hygiene
  • cleaning and tidying a living space
  • cooking and eating healthily
  • staying hydrated
  • finding joy in the day

Anonymous Hatch

Access to support without identifying yourself or talking, such as;

  • websites
  • webinars
  • helplines
  • advice and guidance

Talking Hatch

Talking with the staff team via;

  • phonecall
  • text messaging
  • facetime
  • speaking with those with lived experience of mental health problems
  • discuss referral for Therapy Hatch

Green Space Hatch

The benefit of nature and time outdoors. Benefiting from fresh air and sunlight. 

  • YMCA Allotment
  • Growing fruit and veg, tending to the Orchard
  • BBQs
  • Creating a Wildlife Conservation Area
  • Creating a memorial garden to support people who have lost loved ones
  • Planning and taking part in Community Days

Therapy Hatch

  • Rapid access to Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Providing personal tools, resources and strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Support to make positive changes encouraging personal growth, independence and empowerment

Fitness Hatch

Using exercise to promote good mental health. Supported by qualified gym instructors via;

  • Online classes
  • Outdoor classes and activities
  • Individual fitness programmes
  • Staff or Volunteers who accompany ‘walk and talks’ and jogs