With a gift in your will…

You could change the course of a young person’s life – bringing them out of hopelessness and despair, and giving them the chance of a better future.

With a gift in your Will, you can welcome a young person onto YMCA’s family. You’ll give them a safe place to say, emotional support to get over what they’ve been through, and the training they need to build a bright future for themselves.

How Does it Work?



Decide on an Executor

Decide on executors for your Will who will ensure your wishes are respected, and name them in your Will.


Value Your Estate

Calculate your estate’s value, taking into account the value of any property and investments, as well as any debts.



Make a List

List the people and other contacts you would like to remember in your Will, including your family & favourite charities.



Draw Up a Will

Book an appointment with a solicitor to draw up your Will. We can make some recommendations on solicitors should you wish.



Keep in a Safe Place

Keep your Will in a safe place where your executors know where to find it. You can also ask your solicitor to look after it.        



Share Your Intentions

Please share your intentions with us. We’d like to thank you properly and to invite you to events that show you the work you support.

An extraordinary gift, an extraordinary legacy

Read about how one mans vision and generosity provided an amazing countryside getaway, as well as creating a significant annual surplus which is gifted to YMCA to underpin their work with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in the North East.

“I have all the support from YMCA housing and GYM staff and I’m finally heading in the right direction. I now have a much healthier relationship with my family. YMCA is very good and without it I don’t know where I would be or what path I would have taken.”

Nick, supported by YMCA North Tyneside.

“I first encountered YMCA during the War. I will never forget the effort they made to ease the lives of young soldiers like me. I don’t know how we would have got through those difficult times without their spiritual support.”

Angus Williams, World War II veteran.




YMCA started in London. It begins to address the problems faced by young men living in cities – offering prayer and bible studies, lectures and education services to help them succeed in urban life.



YMCA North Tyneside was founded -known then as The Borough of Tynemouth YMCA


YMCA’s first gyms open, encouraging young people to get involved in personal fitness and wellbeing


An American YMCA invents basketball!



YMCA is instrumental in the setting up of the Scouting Movement


YMCA’s first purpose built hostels and opened.

1914 - 1918

Throughout the Great War, YMCA supports troops with food and shelter. A YMCA worker introduces the red poppy of remembrance.

1916 - 1927

YMCA finds jobs for 38,000 ex-servicemen


YMCA opens Sir James Knott House Youth Centre in North Shields to serve the young people of North Tyneside.


YMCA introduces mobile canteens, supporting displaced people, refugees and prisoners of war.


YMCA opens youth clubs to support the development of young people.



YMCA North Tyneside focuses on homelessness and unemployment amongst young people.


Y Care International is launched to support vulnerable children and young people in 20 developing countries worldwide.

2015 - 2020

YMCA North Tyneside opens 30 units of accommodation for vulnerable young people, as well as a Nursery for 0 – 5 year olds.



YMCA is a worldwide organisation with 45 million members across hundreds of countries. It serves children and young people regardless of their race, religion or culture, helping them build a better future.

Present Day

We are working hard to provide more homes for homeless young people in the North East. We’re aiming to triple our units of accommodation to 100 by 2025.

We plan to double the number of children we support in our North Shields Nursery.

And we hope to make a bigger impact on the lives of young people through local youth groups, street-based interventions and mental wellbeing support services.

Thousands of children and young people have benefited from the work of YMCA North Tyneside over the last 145 years.

Thousands more will get a better chance at life because of what YMCA will achieve in the future.

View our Case Studies

Hayden’s Journey to Independence

Hayden’s journey is a testament to the power of believing and the transformative impact of YMCA North Tyneside.

Finding Their Forever Home: Transforming Lives Through Accessible Housing

Working with partners to find a suitable home for three long-term residents with learning difficulties

Case Study: Vicky’s Story

The death of her partner sent Vicky’s life spiralling. 8 years and an abusive partner later, Vicky’s 2 children were living with her mum, she was in rent arrears and trying to recover from a Heroin addiction, that’s when YMCA stepped in.

Case Study: Sam’s Story

At just 16 years of age, Sam lost his older brother unexpectedly. His parents were overwhelmed with grief and struggled to cope with day to day life which led to Sam moving in with his grandma. Struggling with the death of his sibling and not having any support from his parents left Sam with a heavy burden, turning to alcohol and other substances to help numb the pain.

Case Study: Rosie’s Story

Rosie was referred to YMCA at the age of 16 at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With her parents out of the country and grandparents unable to cope with caring for her, Rosie found herself in a dark place with nowhere to go.

Case Study: Oli’s Story

Oli was an emergency referral to YMCA from Children’s Services. He was 16 and in foster care, but his placement had broken down following an argument with his carers.

Case Study: Nick’s Story

Nick needed practical support to give him more confidence and teach him how to live independently. He worked with our housing support staff who helped him to budget and manage his money, how to prepare and cook healthy meals, how to keep his flat clean and tidy and ways to make and build healthy relationships.

Case Study: Adam’s Story

Adam first came to YMCA North Tyneside after finishing 6th form college where he studied Business, IT and Textiles.

Case Study: Abi’s Story

After multiple police incidents and difficulties at home, the Youth Offending Team along with Social Services referred Abi to YMCA. Abi’s behaviour made her presence at home with her mum and younger siblings unsafe, forcing Social Services to take action, removing Abi’s 1 year old son from the home and placing them both into alternative care.

Beyond Supported Living: A Journey to Self-Sufficiency

A resident’s story of overcoming challenges and moving on to thrive in independence